Range Facilities

This area may be rented out for $250 per day.

25 positions (3-50 yards)
Concrete paths with gravel
Control tower
Turning targets

20 positions (3-15 yards)
Used primarily for tutoring, qualification and shotgun
18 positions (3-50 yrds)
Concrete paths with gravel
Steel targets with pneumatic turning and running man system
Pistol and shotgun

Live Fire Shoothouse
Agency instructors must complete approved course to use shelter
Additional 10 position range with baffles for rifle use.
  • RANGE 5 – 36 POSITIONS – 100 YARDS. 
  • RANGE 5a – 12 POSITIONS – 25 YARDS.
  • RANGE 5b – 12 POSITIONS – 25 YARDS. 
  • RANGE 5c – 10 POSITIONS – 25 YARDS. 
All ranges can be used for Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns.
15 positions 200 yards
Rappelling Tower
Long gun-sniper

35 Position  (3-100 yds)
Turning targets-pistol-rifle- shotgun
Concrete paths with gravel

15 Positions
Pistol, rifle and shotgun (3 – 50 yds)
Concrete paths with gravel
Control tower, turning targets

This Building has been re-purposed for storage and facility maintenance; programs have been moved to Tactical Training Building G

The use of these classrooms are free with the yearly subscription.

Classroom #1
Upstairs B-1
Holds 85 people

Classroom #2
Downstairs B-2
Holds 30 people

HRLETF Inc & CSOC Headquarters

The use of these classrooms may require a $250 fee and must be scheduled through Audra Garton at 303-660-7593.

Rooms equipped with AV- wireless mics and wireless access to internet.

Events and receptions
May be used with or separately from classrooms

Room C-4
Stephen C. Zotos Room
Largest Classroom – 1st Floor
Seats up to 120 – Events, Meetings, Classes

Room C-5
Bert Selva Auditorium – 1st Floor
Seats up to 46 – Tiered auditorium
Dedicated wireless

Room C-1 and C-2
DCSO Training Unit Offices

Academy Office C-3

G101 Tactical Bay– (90 ft. by 100 ft.) 14 ft. high entryway for special vehicles or equipment

G105 Classroom – (seats 88) classroom style- AV equipped

G106 (B) Arrest Control Tactics – Large room fully matted floors and walls- (50 ft. by 65 ft.)

G117 (E) TI Digital Firearms System– (hand guns- taser- and gas)

G116 (W) TI Digital Firearms System– (hand guns- taser- and gas)

Building has locker rooms- showers- lunch area and is equipped with pull down electrical alternative electrical power supply for vendors or display kiosks.

Tactical Training Center Layout
Bldg. has wireless to internet

Two- Simulation Rooms
Milo Firearms Systems

Staff Break Room

Large Event Area
Civil Defense/Vehicular Training Bay
100ft x 100ft

Large Mat Room 
Rubber Flooring

Large Classroom
88 persons

hrletf map2024
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