Non-User Request to Use Facility

Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation Inc.

Facility Use Request info


Revised 08.19.2013

We receive many requests for the use of this facility; therefore we are now requiring that any future requests from Non-User entities address the following before contacting Audra Garton or any other facility staff: Use of any Range:

  • Must be a law enforcement agency as recognized by Colorado law.
  • Any US Military organization must have sanctioning by their Command.
  • Must accept any liability for any of their actions rising out of their use of this facility and hold harmless the HRLETF Inc.
  • Any private training group or not for profit organizations who are requesting the use of any range facility for training purposes must be in support of the facility Users and must have a two million dollar insurance policy protecting the HRLETF Inc.
  • Any other non-law enforcement organization or person authorized by the Board and not sanctioned by a User agency must sign a personal Waiver of Liability before any use is allowed.

Use of any Building or areas other than firearms ranges:

  • May be any organization which the Board supports.
  • Any private training group or not for profit organization who are requesting the use of facilities for training or other purposes must have insurance protecting the HRLETF Inc.

The Board has the absolute right to refuse any request they deem to be in conflict with their mission or is perceived to bring discredit the Foundation.