H.R. 218 Information

Retired Peace Officer Weapon Permit


The Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility will be hosting quarterly H.R. 218 firearms qualifications for retired Law Enforcement personnel.   Active firearms instructors from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand to conduct the qualifications and provide successful participants with signed and dated qualification receipts.

You will need to provide your own firearm(s) and ammunition. You may qualify with a maximum of two guns per qualification day. You MUST have your current retired Law Enforcement picture credentials or a letter from past employing LE agency(s) that you left in “good standing” with a minimum of 10 cumulative years of service to present to an instructor prior to firing the H.R.218 qualification course.

There is a $40.00 fee for this service and payment must be made to an instructor before a qualification is completed. Payment can be in the form of a personal check, made payable to the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation, or exact cash.

2024 Dates

*dates are subject to change*

Please note: It is imperative to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes during the course.

Qualification Course of Fire

Rounds: 20 Score: DCSO target; 5 and 4 rings, 5pts. All other hits 0pts Maximum Score 100, Minimum Passing Score: 80

  • 1. 5 rounds from the 1 yard line in 10 seconds

    Draw - Fire 2 rounds close combat.
    Then fire 2 rounds to the body, 1 round to the head (2 handed) while taking 2 steps back.

  • 2. 3 rounds from the 3 yard line in 7 seconds

    Draw - Take 2 steps right while firing 3 rounds.

  • 3. 3 rounds from the 3 yard line in 7 seconds

    Draw - Take 2 steps left while firing 3 rounds.

  • 4. 2 rounds from the 5 yard line in 5 seconds

    From the standing ready position, (right hand only), fire 2 rounds.

  • 5. 2 rounds from the 5 yard line in 5 seconds

    Standing ready, (left hand only), fire 2 rounds.

  • 6. 5 rounds from the 7 yard line in 10 seconds

    Draw - fire 5 rounds (2 handed grip).

More Information

  • Authorized targets DOE15, TQ15 ‐ areas designated as the 5 and 4 rings scored as 5 pts.
  • TQ19 ‐ grey portion of the target scored as 5 pts.
  • Any shot outside these areas ‐ 0 pts.

Scoring ‐ 20rnds required.

Shots counted as 5 pts or 0 pts.

The max score is 100 pts. The min passing score is 80 pts.

  • Close Combat ‐ 1 handed position, elbow over the hip, arm not extended.
  • Draw‐starting from holster.
  • Ready‐low ready position. Muzzle below target, finger off of trigger, alongside frame.
  • Designated head shot is 5pts, and must be within circle to count.

No alibis for failure to shoot within time limit.

Alibis for immediate action malfunctions at Instructor's discretion.

Email Audra Garton at agarton@dcsheriff.net to register for a date to shoot your H.R.218 qualification.