About the Academy

The Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Academy (HRLETA) is located at the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility. This state of the art training facility is conveniently accessed from US Highway 85 in Littleton, Colorado.

Situated on 117 acres, this facility is the premier training ground for law enforcement professionals throughout the Denver metro area and hosts students and instructors from across the United States and abroad.

Our eight firearms ranges are first class and can support all firearms training to include rifle, handgun and shotgun training. Our new 20,000 sq. ft. tactical training building is where Arrest Control Tactics training takes place, inside a 3500 sq. foot fully matted and ventilated ACT room. The tactical training building is also the home of two, state of the art Use of Force simulators. Known as Training Labs Ti, these systems are utilized to train students on the appropriate and lawful use of physical force through a scenario based simulator.

This Academy is P.O.S.T. Approved.

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hrletf weaver

Lt. Dave Weaver
Director Post Academy & EVOC

hrletf steveson

Sgt. Les Steveson

hrletf dumont

Cpl. Daniel Dumont
Lead Training Specialist

hrletf garton

Audra Garton-Norvell
HRLETF Program Coordinator