Training for

Welcome to the CODE303 Douglas County Emergency Vehicle Operation Center, owned by Douglas County and managed by the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation.

The EVOC is a public-safety driver training facility—it is not designed or intended for extreme driving or racing.   With Mt. Evans set in the background, and at 5900 feet above sea level, it offers a great place to teach advanced decision making; safe pursuit driving and pursuit termination; communication while driving; low speed technical driving skills; day and night driving; inclement weather skills; vehicle dynamics and limitations; law enforcement motorcycle certifications; crash investigation training; the most recent approaches to traffic incident management (TIMS); and local teen and senior driver safety program(s).

Vision: Become one of the nation’s premier and leading-edge public safety training facilities, while creating a safer environment for Douglas County and State of Colorado residents in a self-sustaining and cost-effective manner.

Mission: Improve the safety of the public through advanced practical training of emergency responders and support community partners who provide related safety-oriented services.