Tactical Training (Building G)

G101Tactical Bay– (90 ft. by 100 ft.) 14 ft. high entryway for special vehicles or equipment

G105 Classroom – (seats 88) classroom style- AV equipped

G106 (B) Arrest Control Tactics – Large room fully matted floors and walls- (50 ft. by 65 ft.)

G117 (E) TI Digital Firearms System– (hand guns- taser- and gas)

G116 (W) TI Digital Firearms System– (hand guns- taser- and gas)

Building has locker rooms- showers- lunch area and is equipped with pull down electrical alternative electrical power supply for vendors or display kiosks.


Tactical Training Center Layout
Bldg. has wireless to internet


Two- Simulation Rooms
Milo Firearms Systems


Staff Break Roomstaffbreakroom

Large Event Area
Civil Defense/Vehicular Training Bay
100ft x 100ft


Large Mat Room 
Rubber Flooring


Large Classroom
88 personslargeclassroom