Emergency Vehicle Operation Center


Douglas County EVOC – Ribbon Cutting from Loclyz Media Services on Vimeo

Welcome to the CODE303 Douglas County Emergency Vehicle Operation Center, owned by Douglas County and managed by the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation.

The EVOC is a public-safety driver training facility—it is not designed or intended for extreme driving or racing.   With Mt. Evans set in the background, and at 5900 feet above sea level, it offers a great place to teach advanced decision making; safe pursuit driving and pursuit termination; communication while driving; low speed technical driving skills; day and night driving; inclement weather skills; vehicle dynamics and limitations; law enforcement motorcycle certifications; crash investigation training; the most recent approaches to traffic incident management (TIMS); and local teen and senior driver safety program(s).

Vision: We aim for excellence and advance public-safety skill and decision making through the finest leading-edge practical training.

Mission: The CODE303 Douglas County Emergency Vehicle Operation Center is a purposefully-engineered moderate-speed roadway and skill-building training site, which replicates the conditions, challenges, and obstacles encountered by emergency responders on typical community roadways.  We serve as a community asset and improve safety through advanced practical training, designed to help emergency responders reduce risks and improve emergency driving skills, decision making, crash investigation, incident management, and pursuit termination skills. We also serve the entire community by providing a home for advanced youth driver safety and skill development for related community partners.